Sunday, August 28, 2016

Extended trip to Czech Republic

We are in final stage of moving staff to garage and packing for long planed trip to our mother country Czech Republic.

Garage is getting packed.


Liana is going to miss her garden.

Kids are going to miss Garden Railroad

Honza is not going to miss his homebrew. There is pilsner in every corner in Czech Republic.
Wherever you go in USA, you better go with your home-brew.

Two little monkeys in the park. August 31-St 2016.


  1. Liana...thanks so much for posting these wonderful videos and photos. Your kiddos are just precious and your back yard is gorgeous! Enjoy your time at home and let us know when you return. Don is in the VA nursing home in Walsenburg. Hugs, Patti Cunningham

  2. What a backyard you have. I can see why the little ones are going to miss it. Thanks so much for sharing. Dale & Gina Oost