Friday, September 23, 2016

The flight

We flew with British Airways from Denver to Vienna via London, and it was another exhausting trip to Europe for us. At first original departure was postponed by 4 hours due to delay of inbound flight  (technical issue with plane caused replacement  for another in working condition). After arriving at Denver airport, British Airways computers where down and boarding tickets where issued by hand. The clerks did pretty well, we boarded with only another 30 min delay.We are sitting in the plane and waiting for take off, and here goes the captain's announcement" During loading luggage the loading machine stopped working and it is totally stuck....." it took another couple of hours to finish loading of luggage. Well that was the time when I woke up and found out that we are still in Denver. Many  people were standing in the plane and one young girl getting little crazy and here is captain speaking again " I just received phone call from London and passengers need to be recounted". It took them whole hour before we finally took off. 
We are in London, computers are working but the clerk in our row has no ability to issue  boarding tickets for us for connecting flight to Vienna. Fortunately  the clerk next to him did it. We are running 1 mile with kids holding them like bag of potato and caught last flight to Vienna.
At 2 AM with 7 hour delay we arrived (including all luggage) in Vracov,South Moravia, our new place.

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